Queen of Heaven parish offers the option of a Family Catechesis program that meets once a month on a Sunday after the 8:00 Mass. This type of program benefits families who prefer to further their faith formation together instead of having the children attend a separate program. It is also helpful for those who have children in the traditional programs that all meet on separate days. Our family program is loosely based on the Generations of Faith program.  Mrs. Barbara Maloney, D.F.F., and Mrs. Elaine Kishbaugh, C.F.F., facilitate the Family Program.  Speakers are brought in as appropriate.

The sessions run for about one hour and forty-five minutes and are usually held on the first Sunday of the month.  There is a monthly packet with suggestions for activities to be done at home between sessions. The students are required to read through a grade level text, complete corresponding activity sheets and an online chapter review.  This is to insure that grade level requirements of the Diocesan Curriculum are covered. Occasionally there is “homework” to be brought to the following session, or a special project to do at home between sessions.  Each year there is a different theme, and each month focuses on a different topic relating to the theme or to the liturgical year.

This program replaces the traditional weekly faith formation sessions. However, Confirmation candidates are required to attend the Confirmation process even if they attend the Family Program, although attendance at the Family Program is optional for them.  There is a $58.00 fee per family.

It’s a fun program and a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time with your children sharing your faith and they learn more about theirs. It helps everyone to become more comfortable sharing and talking about their faith.

Everyone stays together for the beginning part of the session. There is an age-level breakout session each month and then we are all together for the last segment.  This may vary a bit depending on the theme of the year and the topic covered any given month.

We gather after the 8:00 Mass (around 8:45 or so) for our social where we provide donuts, rolls, coffee and tea. We ask parents to sign up to bring beverages for the children. The instructional part of the session runs from 9:15 to 11:00.  That way, you can attend either the 8:00 Mass before the Family Program or the 11:15 Mass after it, if you are not attending a different Mass. We meet eight times each year between September and April, once or twice a month.

2017-2018 dates will be published as soon as they are available.  
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